Less Chaos, More Massage.



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chaos1Right now, this world, is crazy.  With the current events unfolding around us on a daily basis we are all working to thrive in a state of crises. Whether you know it or not, we are all coping in one way or another to deal with the surrounding chaos. No one is exempt. One way or another, everyone who is a human being and who is alive in this time is having to DEAL with the madness around us.

Helpers are needed more than ever. Helpers are the courageous people who are coping and dealing, by trying to help others cope and deal. This is a healthy and conscious way to manage what is going on. Helpers choose to be part of the solution, rather than focus on the negatively and the problems. Helpers bolster the survivors of these times.

Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers are Helpers. We work to make an immediate positive impact on the quality of people’s’ lives by providing rest and nurturing in a safe place to simply BE. We offer comfort and therapeutic touch. Some of our clients simply need to breathe, rest and receive a nurturing and relaxing massage. Others can benefit from a deeper treatment approach for musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. We adapt to the full spectrum of people and  we are here to help. Massage Therapy is holistic healthcare, meaning, the benefits of receiving massage therapy are emotional, psychological and physical. We are not just here to help our clients, but to help ourselves by giving our lives meaning and purpose in this wild world we call home.

Massage Therapists are wave makers. Our work has repercussions. We offer valid and skilled therapy for our clients and we make a positive impact immediately on their lives. After receiving massage therapy, our clients can’t help but be more present, and thus more consciously aware of their actions and reactions.  They leave their massage with a heightened sense of themselves and can be more in control of how they respond to the world around them. A client may be kinder to their employee, or their partner or their child after a receiving a massage because they are more connected to themselves. They have received comfort, nurturing and therapeutic attention from a massage therapist who has offered them unconditional positive regard, and time to just simply be taken care of.

If you are considering a career in massage therapy. Please find the school that is best for you and sign up right now and become a helper.

If you are a person who is suffering from the unreal stresses of your life, please make receiving massage therapy a NORMAL part of your life and watch how things get better.

If you are in the massage profession or industry, please take responsibility to support the profession by educating the public about the benefits of this career, and help bring the right people to this profession.

Jill Kristin Berkana LMT BCTMB


“Can I Steal a Moment of Your Time?”

There are many people in the holistic healing community who are serious professionals, who have put in thousands of hours in practice and study and invested deeply in their education in order to be able to serve the greater community in a superior capacity.
Some of these rare individuals are my friends. These health care providers should be recognized by their communities with an air of respect and be treated with dignity as the prestigious professionals that they are. The education and study, devotion of time and energy, practice and investment should warrant a great celebration and recognition, but it does not.

I am sure what I will describe here plays out in many professions. For this article… I will describe how it shows up in the complementary healing world.

These unconventional scholars who have pieced together a patchwork quilt of traditional healing modalities and expertise in a non-traditionally academic way do not receive a graduation celebration or a diploma. Some of them are beyond worthy of the recognition of an academic higher degree such as doctorate, however they will not receive letters after their name or be properly acknowledge for what they have gone through to embody the knowledge which they generously share. Please know in the same realm there are people who pretend to be this which I describe, but who are not. There are frauds and a little bit of research will usually uncover who you are dealing with.

People who seek to receive care or assistance, consultation or advice from these individuals regularly challenge the reality that these people deserve to be appropriately compensated, if at all, for their time. The phrase “can I steal a moment of your time” will regularly float around.

Let’s explore this phrase-“Can I steal a moment of your time”.
Would you approach someone and say, can I steal $20 out of your wallet, or can I steal the jacket you’re wearing? Why is a the value of someone’s time (that you genuinely desire for yourself) equated to zero value in the field of exchange?
Some people will try to exploit time with these high level persons and not blink an eye, and will actually be offended when there is a fee associated with service or will ask for a discount with attitude. They may even be amazed that there is a charge at all. People would never do this with a doctor or a plumber.

Please understand that if you are wishing to benefit from the expertise of a professional of this caliber, you will need to pay a professional fee. It would not be right to think otherwise.

One thing is for certain, if you don’t value your own time, you cannot value another’s. Hopefully for those who read this… this essay will provoke an inventory of how we all value or do not value our own time.

Jill Kristin Berkana
Jill Kristin Berkana


The Great Pause…

…and here we are, stepping back into the treatment room with an arsenal of hand sanitizer, chemical cleansing fluids, wipes, plastic bags, thermometers, smocks, masks, and a healthy measure of trepidation.

But is now the right time? Is it too soon? What is happening here and now that makes it okay for me to take this risk to give what I give to the world? Have I made it as safe as possible? And even if I have, is it worth the risk? Am I being ethical?

To give what I am so good at giving to the world. To share what I am so eager to share. To offer what I have studied, practiced, and loved. To provide the service I do to earn a living and take care of my family. To do what shows me that my being has great value…

to be a Massage Therapist and bodywork artist.

I don’t have the answers for you, but can we explore for a moment…

did we ever imagine that we would be here now, asking our selves these questions when the reason we fell in love with this work was because it was what we were born to do?

Yes. I know you were born to do this work and that is why you do it. That is why you love it. It is within your natural and sacred constitution and this, in and of itself, is unusual and wonderful.

What our profession is experiencing is a great pause. Some of us are learning how to get back to work while some of us still need to wait. Regardless of your timing and thoughtful decision making process, I want to encourage you NOT to allow the trauma of what has happened to take your art away from you.

This is a great pause and a time for deep investigation, research, and adaptation. Please do not leave the profession that you love and have invested so much into.

Breathe deep… Find a way to pay your bills right now. You ARE creative enough and I know that because you are a Massage Therapist.

Today and tomorrow you are needed and more than you have ever been needed. The world has now received the big wake-up call on the power of touch by being starved of it.

Breathe deep… remember who you are and stand by. Your number is going to be called soon and you are going to be very busy.

Be a warrior and fight. You have the courage to touch people while they are making themselves completely vulnerable. I know you are peaceful, but you are also braver than most to do this work at all and you have what it takes to continue to share your skilled and knowledgeable touch.

Warrior UP! Sometimes fighting for what is important means waiting. Sometimes being a warrior means staying keenly on top of research, following the mentors who advise you, and with sharp attention to the unfolding details using great discernment. Sometimes being a warrior requires perfect strategy, weaponry, and stealth timing. Sometimes being a warrior means sacrificing what you want and need for the greater good.

New skills, knowledge and tools are required.  Timing and processes must be modified. Attachment to how things used to be is fruitless. Take time to grieve what was but don’t get stuck there.  Now is the time to get excited about what will be and BE at the READY!

Jill Kristin Berkana
Jill Kristin Berkana

Massage Therapy, it’s going to be okay.

Blank Facebook PostHello Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. I wanted to reach out to you with regard to what is happening to our profession in the wake of the Corona Virus. I know this is a scary time and you have had to make some really tough decisions. I know there has been confusion and a great deal of stress.

I know that you have a home to keep going, and that you have kids, pets, rent, groceries, student loans, medical bills, car payments, insurance etc. to pay for, and being without your income is devastating and scary.

I understand that many of you have had to negotiate ethical dilemmas because your clients or employers wanted you to continue but you knew that the potential to do harm was real, and you had to disappoint others who did not understand and that some of you had to risk losing your job because your employer had sketchy ethics and greed.

I know you are trying to figure out how to make ends meet for the next however long it will be to make your life work. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this difficulty.

What I want to shine a light on for you is that your career will be stronger than ever once we make it through this challenging time. This pandemic which is forcing people not to touch one another is clearly showing the entire world the crucial power of, and need for touch. I know this clarity will prove to empower our ability to serve in a much greater capacity than ever before once we arrive to our new world post Covid-19.

Take heart. You are one of the best people because you chose a career of service to your fellow human beings. You chose to touch people for a living. You chose to hold space for people so that they have a chance to practice self-care and come back to themselves. You chose to learn and embody the knowledge of the organization of the body. You chose to learn how to make people feel safe enough to be completely vulnerable with you. You chose to honor all people and offer unconditional positive regard for them. You chose a righteous profession and one where you are not alone but part of a larger community of encouraging helpers and positive wavemakers.  Your heart and hands are pure gold.

It is going to be okay. Put your house in order the best way you can. Ask for help as you need it. Rest well. Take care of you and yours. Offer the compassion that you offer to your clients to yourself in this time of waiting and please, practice self care because you will be on the front lines of the chronic stages of recovery from the pandemic for the masses. You are going to be needed so much in a short while…more than ever before. And so, be creative in the face of adversity and do what you know best… breathe.

Jill Kristin Berkana

Jill Kristin Berkana


The World Massage Championship 2019 My Impressions – An unprecedented global professional community!

65443246_2423679111022961_1531238124007456768_n (1)INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES: I have just performed the duties of a Judge at the World Massage Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark and I am eager to share my impressions. To begin, I feel it necessary to share who I am so that you, the reader, understand the perspective I am coming from and why my opinion might matter. Here is my bio at the end of the article.

DISCLAIMER: Taking into consideration the melting pot of culture holding a mass of professionals who are coming from the broadest sample of schools of thought, I genuinely hope not to insult anyone. Please know that my perspective is that of the American Standard, as I know it to be, now, which has been established as it is at this point in time.

It has been one week since I attended the World Massage Therapy Championship and it has taken me as long to marinate the experience for thoughtful sharing. Additionally, the repercussions continue to show up in more and more celebration, connection, promotional opportunities explored by all, and some criticism.  As I have mentioned before, but I feel should be offered again, this is my perspective coming through my lens as a US based educator of entry level and advanced bodywork, a leader in the profession, with a nearly 30 year career as a Massage Therapist, trying to  hold to the highest standards as I know it them to be.

Several colleagues have brought it to my attention that they are disappointed and even insulted, if not angry at the thought of our profession having a championship competition. Here is why I understand this.  Many of us have worked extremely hard to correct the stereotyping that has oppressed our profession. The long-standing misperceptions of massage therapy have been that it is unprofessional, sex work, cosmetology/beauty based, or something frivolous and expensive that only the wealthy can enjoy as a luxury.

After incalculable investment of time, money, and effort, Massage Therapy has finally started to gain traction and be known as serious healthcare. This is due to the investment in evidence-based research, serious researchers working very hard and a community of therapists such as me who champion this cultural correction by educating and promoting massage therapy as legitimate healthcare.

The research is proving with real evidence that massage therapy, whether done in a hospital setting, a spa, a gym, or a massage therapist’s office etc. is promoting the improvement of health in a variety of ways. It improves the health of those with serious health challenges, and it is great for everyone who is healthy or on a path to improved wellness. It also supports athletic performance and really supports every type of performance in life, really.  The benefits are holistic meaning massage can and does address the mental, emotional and physical health of a person. Everyone can benefit from receiving massage therapy.

Allow me to repeat that in a different way. Massage Therapy is finally being recognized as legitimate healthcare and it does not matter how or where you (speaking to the MTs) do it, as long as it is being done ethically, and professionally by a trained professional. Massage is that good, and all of us involved in the field should help educate the public about these very real benefits.

I will just throw in here that we currently have an opioid addiction epidemic in the United States and Massage Therapy is now being recognized as a viable option for pain management of many conditions that opioids are being used to treat. This is happening right now. Not to forget the fantastic work being done in the realms of oncology and hospice care. I could go on and on. I am very passionate about being part of this important shift in the public perception for our profession. This shift is not coming easy.

Knowing where I am coming from should help inform you the reader why, when I initially saw that there was an international massage championship, I too had serious reservations and concerns. I was so concerned that a massage championship could be harmful to this reputation improvement effort that I looked into it deeper. The more I looked into it, the more my curiosity grew and I was inspired to reach out to the Founder to Volunteer to be a Judge and make the trip.

I was invited to come to this event. My intrigue was expanding beyond my concern. As the plans progressed and I was in the loop of developments, I saw that there were going to be more than 40 countries represented. My concern continued to diminished as I became more and more enthusiastic about the world survey of bodywork technique and approach I was going to witness and be part of.

Now that I have participated in the event what I feel strongly is the most predominant character of this project is not the competition itself, but great opportunity for community and education. The participants came from all over the world. All with diverse styles of working and differing educational backgrounds. Some were bringing with them thousands and thousands of years of history with their culture, modality and approach. It was a massage smorgasbord that you could never consume fully. A sample platter of technique describing ancient and modern innovation, invention, and creation within our beloved profession.

As for the competitors, there was love, camaraderie, people helping each other even though they were competing, curiosity and learning, sharing, hugs, and laughter! Nearly everyone there made 200 new friends who live all over the world. This bringing together of professionals with exposure to the techniques, modalities and approaches is unprecedented and I think awesome.

Now, having celebrated all of that, the event also brings together a cornucopia of not on the same page-ness with regard to standards of practice and what I know as basic and foundational rules of engagement.  When you have all of these massage professionals coming together from all over the world, you are also bringing together a huge spectrum of different professional culture, specifically with regard to ethics, client draping, hygienic practices, scope of practice, and client interactions. Being who I am, I was extremely challenged by this and had to open myself up to the reality of the situation at hand, that the world was being represented, not just my safe little school haven that I control with my iron fist in the velvet glove in Longmont, Colorado.

I will be blogging more about those differences later. To close this out, please know that I am still excited about this event. I do still have some concerns. I do not think having a massage competition compromises the perception of our profession as legitimate health care. I may be wrong, but these are my two cents and I have attended the event. I feel strongly that as the event matures, more basic standards will be introduced and made compulsory which will provide an outstanding opportunity for education for those competitors who are globally providing intentional therapeutic benefits through massage. I’m very happy and proud to be part of it. I hope I am able to continue and hope to support the evolution of the project.

The World Massage Championship 2019 My Impressions – How can one assess the effectiveness of a massage by observing?


Susan Findlay and Jill Kristin Berkana  – Photo Courtesy Ryan Hoyme


I have just had the great honor to perform the duties of a Judge at the 3rd annual World Massage Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am eager to share my impressions. To begin, I feel it necessary to share who I am, so that you the reader can understand the perspective I am coming from and why my opinion might matter to the conversation. Here is my bio.

How can one assess the effectiveness of a massage by observing?

First we must consider who the viewer is. To have the ability to place value on a massage based on viewing, the observer must be a seasoned and comprehensive expert in the field. Otherwise, the viewer cannot properly assess, and should not assume to do so.

As an entry level educator, I have spent thousands of hours carefully watching my student therapists develop the skills required to become highly effective massage therapists. With that, I am qualified to assess the constitution of a massage visually.  My fellow judges in the Freestyle Western Massage Competition were equally as qualified.

If this still has you scratching your head, consider how instructors teach massage therapy and bodywork with demonstration. To question the educational and assessment value of observing massage therapy and bodywork being performed is to challenge how almost every instructor since the beginning of time has taught this work.

At a school, the faculty teaches the bodywork through demonstration. When the students then practice what they have seen, the instructors are carefully looking for and encouraging the following basics:

• Use of proper body mechanics
• Fluidity, continuity and therapeutic pace
• Self-Care practices
• Awareness of environment
• Equipment usage
• Noise control
• Immediate response and adjustment to client feedback
• Ongoing devotion to presence and connection
• Honoring the spaces between the therapist and client in all ways (comfort zone)
• Appropriate execution of technique
• Awareness and avoidance of endangerment sites and contraindications
• Maintenance of Hygienic Standards and Universal Precautions
• Artistic Expression within the boundaries of our Scope of Practice

As an entry level massage therapy educator, this is what my faculty and I are doing with our students to ensure they are developing into highly professional and legitimate therapists who are able to enter the field of Massage Therapy and Bodywork with our proud endorsement.

A qualified judge at the World Massage Championship is doing the same.  What every single contestant at the World Championship of Massage should embody and exemplify as second nature are the BASIC STANDARDS AND RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. This is especially important if they have branched out into Advanced Technique.

What about actually feeling the work?

Feeling the massage is by far the best way to assess the therapist’s skill and ability to provide effective treatment. At my institute and most massage therapy schools, student clients provide real feedback for the student therapists. Additionally, every client that receives in our clinic provides a written report for our student therapists to provide feedback which the student therapist can use to grow.

This is very similar to what happens at the World Massage Championship. After the Therapist has performed the massage, the client, who is another competitor /assumed professional expert and a massage therapist discretely provides the team of judges an overall grade to be factored into the entire point calculation.

How do the judges determine winners?

This is a point system. The Founder of the World Massage Championship and the IMA Advisory Board have determined a criterion for the judges to use as we are assessing the participants. I can only speak to the criteria for the Freestyle Western Room where I was working. The participants were judged on Technique, Client Connection, Ergonomics (Body- Mechanics), Innovation and the Clients Overall Impression. At least 4 judges and 1 recipient were involved in the determination of the participants overall assessment.

I hope this short article helps everyone understand the value of assessing by observation, and will clarify the assessment system in place for this event.

The World Massage Championship 2019 My Impressions – Introduction

65428331_2353370014930854_7241224881491148800_nI have just had the great honor to perform the duties of a Judge at the 3rd annual World Massage Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am eager to share my impressions. To begin, I feel it necessary to share who I am, so that you the reader can understand the perspective I am coming from and why my opinion might matter to the conversation. Here is my bio.


I wish to congratulate all of the participants. What you have done here is awe-inspiring. You have taken your craft to the international stage to share your life’s passion and how you work. You made yourself vulnerable to be judged. This takes tremendous courage and drive.  I know that your investment of time, money, travel and intention is phenomenal and I applaud you! If I did not have the chance to meet you at the competition and give you feedback, I apologize. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to be connected.

Taking into consideration the globe spanning representation, the melting pot of culture, holding a mass of professionals, who are all coming from the broadest sample of the profession’s schools of thought, I genuinely hope not to insult anyone, but to offer an opportunity for all of us to share, learn and grow.

Please know that my perspective is coming from that of the highest United States Standard, which I must exemplify, hold and teach. This standard is rapidly evolving due  to the profession’s investment in legitimate research, as we work toward a model of Massage Therapy as legitimate evidence informed healthcare.

I was skeptical and had great concerns about this competition because like many prominent stakeholders in the field have shared, I felt that having a world championship in massage therapy automatically lent itself to the following detriments:

  • Glamorizing the therapist in a client centered healthcare field where humility is paramount to appropriate and honorful execution.
  • Damage to the progressive and improved reputation of Massage Therapy as legitimate healthcare.
  • Enforcing the myth that massage therapy is prominently cosmetology and/or sport based and not legitimate healthcare.

While I had these reservations, I was also curious and excited to witness the techniques and approach of Therapists from around the globe and had respect for the International Massage Association for taking on this enormous living project.  I still have concerns and reservations, and I am still excited.  I’m involved now, and at least see an incredible opportunity for a global conversation with regard to standards of practice.

Now that I have participated in the 3rd year, I am clear that while this event is VERY young and there is room for great evolution, the overall experience is a positive one for our profession and has the potential to become a great asset. Please note that this organization is volunteer based.  This is important to consider and acknowledge while making judgments. Everyone involved who is spearheading this ambitious project have lives and careers to tend to, therefore, the evolution of a project such as this will take considerable time.

I am writing about my impressions extensively in short articles here on my blog. My sincere hope is that everyone who engages in this series will benefit and intentionally take advantage of the opportunity for professional inventory and evolution.

Since my expertise is in the realm of strong foundational practices and standard rules of engagement I will be addressing the stunning inconsistent global standards that I witnessed in the realms of:

  • Basic Rules of Engagement
  • Professionalism
  • Hygiene
  • Body-Mechanics
  • Client Communications
  • Confidentiality
  • Draping and Privacy
  • Therapeutic Presence
  • Universal Precautions
  • Contraindications and Endangerment Sites
  • Therapist Self Awareness
  • Maintenance of the Comfort Barrier/Zone
  • Honoring Therapeutic Relationship – Boundaries
  • Mindful Approach

While it is always easy to criticize differences, I know it is important to embrace and recognize the amazing opportunity to share, learn, and elevate our professional standards. This is why I am invested in this project.

Stay Tuned while I unpack my thoughts in this series, and please do become involved in the World Massage Championship and International Massage Association, an unprecedented gathering of international Massage Therapists and Bodywork Artists.

Wherefore Art Thou… Professional Ethics?


Every now and then I take a peek at the professional massage therapy boards on Facebook. Every time I do, I am astounded by some of the comments I see left by some Licensed Massage Therapists and/or Body-workers, and Massage Therapy and/or Body-Work Educators. It is deeply concerning. What I saw in the conversation tonight was so stunning that I had to write this. I would suggest that some of the Massage Therapists participating on these boards could spend LESS time on these boards and more time taking ethics classes.

I’m just guessing here, but many signs indicate on these threads that some of the participants had ethics in entry-level and then never took another ethics class after that. It also seems that if they did have an ethics class in entry-level, it was either a marginal class at best, or they simply forgot the important ethical rules of engagement they agreed to.

Another problem is ethics classes 20-30 years ago were non-existent or completely different from what we have now.  We didn’t have the internet or much regulation in those days, let alone testing, and some states don’t require continuing education in ethics for licensure renewal. This is very bad as it produces seasoned professionals who are operating ethically from the education they received 20-30 years ago.

Commonplace ethical violations seen all over these boards are: breach of confidence, discrimination, therapists out of scope, personalization of the therapeutic relationship, diagnosing, prescribing, promoting mythology and advising incorrectly to name a few.

A few reasons we as Massage Therapists and body workers need to take ongoing ethics classes are as follows:

  • Things shift and change. We want our profession to evolve, It IS evolving, and we need to evolve with it.
  • We will never know it all.
  • Our clients make themselves vulnerable whenever we work with them. We need to be as prepared as possible for the multitude of potential ethical dilemmas that can unfold before us, keep our clients safe, and protect ourselves and the profession.
  • We can do harm.
  • We are all representing the profession that is now respected as legitimate health care. We need to protect that by acting as ethical representatives. To do otherwise is to sabotage the gains.

If you are a practicing LMT or body worker and have not had an ethics class for several years, and/or failed to learn the basic ethical rules of engagement in entry-level, please, Please, PLEASE get up to speed NOW on your ethics, and continue to learn! Ethics classes are fun and no one knows it all. Those who think they do are a problem.

If you are a massage therapy and/or bodywork educator and you are not up to date on your ethics, your feet are to the fire because the damage you can do will multiply. It is critically important to get the ego in check so one can learn. Humility is critical for the ability to receive information and thus embody that information as knowledge.

Plenty of ethics classes right here at NCBTMB and you can even take some of them online!

It IS an ethical responsibility to continue to learn about ethics for the life of your career and it does not matter if your state does not require it for licensure renewal. It’s the right thing to do.

Jill Kristin Berkana

Founder/Director Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy

Jill K. Berkana LMT, BCTMB

You don’t need an excuse…but have plenty.

Massage-circle-sustainable-living-upward-spirals-diamante-centerWhen you receive a professional massage, you are receiving health care treatment by someone who has been trained in the art and science of therapeutic touch, and who is there for you completely.

Receiving this type of attention and nurturing will enhance your life in a multitude of ways.

Massage improves everything! When you receive professional massage therapy, you are encouraged to connect with yourself. When you connect with yourself you can feel more, contemplate the quality of your relationship to your self and to your life, shift your perspective and inspire a creative and positive outlook.

You can be thoughtful about everything, or rest your mind and consider nothing at all. You give yourself the opportunity to rest, slow down and connect. Additionally, you receive the long list of proven physical, mental, and emotional benefits that massage therapy provides.

When you consider all of that, are you not worth this investment in your life?

You can receive therapeutic massage from exceptional therapists across the country. Be selective when you decide who you will trust to touch your whole life. Not all Massage Therapists have the same training or skill set, and it will be important for you to connect with one who can best serve your specific goals.

If you are interested in working with a Berkana trained Massage Therapist, we have about 350 around the country; and of course, our Student Clinic in Prospect regularly welcomes the public to participate in our education, and receive outstanding bodywork from our students for about half the cost of a professional massage.

If you need more information, please feel free to reach out!  I hope you will schedule a massage for yourself today and know truly…you don’t need an excuse, but you have plenty. ​

“Located on the corner of Ionosphere and Tenacity…

head_img_worksmartThe Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy revealed today its massage therapy licensure program will relocate to Prospect New Town, Colorado as of July 2017. Plans to convert the current Lower Downtown Denver campus into a Massage Therapy Co-Op and Continuing Education Facility for NCBTMB Approved Providers and fellow Holistic Educators were also announced.

“Prospective students from Colorado and the entire nation seek out The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy for its pillars of excellence: A faculty of devoted experts, mindful and holistic approach, small classes, accelerated learning, and professionalism. Our exquisite environment also plays a large role in students’ desire to attend and bolsters their success,” explained Jill Kristin Berkana, founder and director. “As our licensure preparatory program strives to be on the cutting-edge for our rapidly evolving profession, it was time to find a new home that could match our holistic intent, and remain true to our core values. With wall-to-wall windows, endless natural light, beautiful architecture that borders a large public park, and the overall tranquility of the neighborhood, our new location will empower students to learn and grow in congruence with this progressive, mindful, and artistic community.”

Conveniently located on the corner of Ionosphere and Tenacity in Prospect New Town, the new Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy location resides on a bus line and off of a major highway. Students can easily commute from most of Colorado’s premier Front Range destinations in as little as 20-40 minutes. Such accessibility permits students to reside in nearby locations most affordable and appealing to their personal styles.

Named “The Coolest Neighborhood in the United States” by Dwell Magazine and winner of the Governor’s Smart Growth Award for its innovative alternative to suburban sprawl, the prime location in Prospect New Town provides ample parking, restaurants, and boutiques all within walking distance—establishing The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy as a true destination.

Pending approval from the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board, the grand opening of the new Prospect New Town location is scheduled for Mid-July 2017. Courses for the entry-level program will begin in the newly-renovated space in Late-July 2017. Inaugural, class-only residents from Denver and further away will receive special incentives. Furthermore, a Student Clinic will be established shortly after to serve the Prospect and Longmont communities with affordable massage therapy.

Berkana described plans for the Denver location: “As The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy continues to align with the needs of the massage therapy and bodywork profession, we have not forgotten the wonderful city and people of Denver that helped establish our premier brand. For that reason, our Board of Advisors have agreed to convert the current LoDo location into a Massage Co-Op to further support our graduates and the greater community. In addition, we will dedicate a portion of the space to act as a Continuing Education Facility for local and international NCBTMB Approved Providers and fellow Holistic Educators.” Additional information regarding the plans to convert the Denver location into a Massage Co-Op and Continuing Education Facility will be released in the coming weeks.

About Prospect New Town

Prospect New Town is Colorado’s first New Urbanist community located on a former 80-acre tree farm in the southwest pocket of Longmont. Framed by snow-capped peaks and surrounded by farmland, it’s the perfect pocket of city in a rural setting. Locally owned restaurants and boutiques offer city chic with personalized, small-town service. It’s home to an array of lively, year-round events such as wine tastings, food trucks and cycling events. Intimate streets and walkways connect homes to numerous parks, shops and workspaces making it an ideal place to live and work.

For more information, please visit www.prospectnewtown.com.

About The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy

The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy is an nationally-recognized, accelerated, and premier Massage Therapy Licensure School dedicated to cultivating professional, competent, and compassionate bodywork artists in Colorado. The rigorous, 5-month program (offered in the Spring and Fall) is founded on a comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction, and state of the art equipment in a focused environment. Berkana students maintain an impressive 100% first-attempt success rate on the U.S. state licensing examination, the MBLEx.

The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy is an approved school through the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board, The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), and the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Additionally, the school provides top-notch Continuing Education for the profession and greater Berkana community as an Approved Continuing Education Provider through NCBTMB. The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy is approved by the VA to accept the GI Bill. Affordable tuition payment plans and opportunities for discounts are available.

For more information, please visit www.berkanainstitute.com.