…and here we are, stepping back into the treatment room with an arsenal of hand sanitizer, chemical cleansing fluids, wipes, plastic bags, thermometers, smocks, masks, and a healthy measure of trepidation.

But is now the right time? Is it too soon? What is happening here and now that makes it okay for me to take this risk to give what I give to the world? Have I made it as safe as possible? And even if I have, is it worth the risk? Am I being ethical?

To give what I am so good at giving to the world. To share what I am so eager to share. To offer what I have studied, practiced, and loved. To provide the service I do to earn a living and take care of my family. To do what shows me that my being has great value…

to be a Massage Therapist and bodywork artist.

I don’t have the answers for you, but can we explore for a moment…

did we ever imagine that we would be here now, asking our selves these questions when the reason we fell in love with this work was because it was what we were born to do?

Yes. I know you were born to do this work and that is why you do it. That is why you love it. It is within your natural and sacred constitution and this, in and of itself, is unusual and wonderful.

What our profession is experiencing is a great pause. Some of us are learning how to get back to work while some of us still need to wait. Regardless of your timing and thoughtful decision making process, I want to encourage you NOT to allow the trauma of what has happened to take your art away from you.

This is a great pause and a time for deep investigation, research, and adaptation. Please do not leave the profession that you love and have invested so much into.

Breathe deep… Find a way to pay your bills right now. You ARE creative enough and I know that because you are a Massage Therapist.

Today and tomorrow you are needed and more than you have ever been needed. The world has now received the big wake-up call on the power of touch by being starved of it.

Breathe deep… remember who you are and stand by. Your number is going to be called soon and you are going to be very busy.

Be a warrior and fight. You have the courage to touch people while they are making themselves completely vulnerable. I know you are peaceful, but you are also braver than most to do this work at all and you have what it takes to continue to share your skilled and knowledgeable touch.

Warrior UP! Sometimes fighting for what is important means waiting. Sometimes being a warrior means staying keenly on top of research, following the mentors who advise you, and with sharp attention to the unfolding details using great discernment. Sometimes being a warrior requires perfect strategy, weaponry, and stealth timing. Sometimes being a warrior means sacrificing what you want and need for the greater good.

New skills, knowledge and tools are required.  Timing and processes must be modified. Attachment to how things used to be is fruitless. Take time to grieve what was but don’t get stuck there.  Now is the time to get excited about what will be and BE at the READY!

Jill Kristin Berkana
Jill Kristin Berkana