594990Dear Massage Therapy Clients,

Many of you are being played. Here is the game.

  1. Some Massage Therapy Schools require Federal Financial Aid in order to entice students to attend and thus have the tuition income needed to survive.
  2. In order for a school to qualify to offer Federal Financial Aid, the school must demonstrate that a certain percentage of their graduates will have job placement.
  3. Many of these Schools will partner with huge chains of Massage Franchises to fulfill this job placement requirement.
  4. Those Franchises then hire the graduates and pay the therapists substandard wages, claiming they are “green” and need experience.
  5. The Franchises pay their therapists $12-$17 per hour (plus tips) to provide YOUR MASSAGE. The rest of the money you paid goes to “overhead” which includes large executive salaries, big parties, huge conferences, and massive advertising campaigns that have little to no benefit to the therapist who gave you YOUR MASSAGE.
  6. You pay about $50 for the massage, but you are getting a $12-$17 massage value.
  7. The massage therapists can be overworked in order to make ends meet working for these substandard wages, can burn out and this can have a negative impact on the quality of the massage you receive.
  8. If you are lucky enough to work with someone at one of these places who HAS gone to a school that cares, and who HAS been in practice for a while, you are still getting a$12-$17 massage.
  9. If it makes you feel better about the arrangement, you can add on the $10-$20 tip you are paying. So… you are paying $60 – $70 per hour for a $22- $37 massage.

Your massage therapist is ONLY going to give you what they earn. They have to pace themselves. They might have to do 6 massages a day working in this atmosphere just to start to pay the rent, AND many must have another job.

Be a Discriminating Massage Therapy Client! You are paying for a service, you are making yourself vulnerable and you have options!

  • Work with Amazing Independent Massage Therapists! If you are looking for one in your region, let me know!
  • If you DO prefer the spa environment, please avoid the HUGE Corporate McMassage Chains that are notorious for exploiting massage therapists, and have incalculable client complaints. There are many wonderful locally owned Spas that will take care of you AND their Therapists!

As for the Groupons, Specials, and Contract Arrangements…when it comes to giving someone permission to touch your body and your whole life do you REALLY want a bargain?

And one final thought… Until you have the opportunity to build a long term relationship with a Therapist who you have seen over and over again, you really have not experienced the true benefit of this amazing therapeutic relationship and the work that can only happen once that deeper rapport has been established.

Receive the unlimited benefits of Massage Therapy, and… Don’t be a chump!